Dear readers,

If anyone has information to share with me regarding the matters that I am looking into on this website that I am seeking information for, I have a lucrative proposal for you that is called an evidentiary non-disclosure agreement that you may be interested in.

If your not familiar with these documents, they are an agreement between an information provider (the one sharing information) and the recipient (the receiver of this information). They state that if you have information to share that could be deemed as useful and purposeful to the recipient against an other party in court, who he or she is seeking compensation against, the information provider is then entitled to the reward amount stated in the agreement after the case is won. This type of silence agreement silences me (the recipient) from disclosing the information provider’s name to anyone. However, if the information provider would like credit by having their name mentioned there is an additional form that can be signed. Neither of these two documents silence the information provider in any way.

If you are a motivated individual with information to share with me, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’d also like to mention that any information that I receive from the Police and the FBI is free information.

Thank you for your time.